All About Lombok Indonesia

About Lombok Indonesia island is located just east of it’s famous and glamorous Bali, neighbor. Roughly the same size as Bali, Lombok is more straightforward, laid-back and less developed than bustling Bali. I liken it to Bali’lsquo s &;back-water’.
Waterfall in Senaru — Lombok — Indonesia
Similar to the majority of Indonesia’s leading islands, Lombok is a mountainous volcanic island full of breathtaking scenery: lush terraced rice fields, dense jungle and forests, strapping waterfalls, awe-inspiring coastlines and stunning beaches.

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Because Lombok has a low population density and can be fairly undeveloped for tourism (or anything else for that matter) the island is exploding with undisturbed natural areas. Along Lombok’s northern coast, especially, not many villages, towns or homes are found. You can drive a passing through only a couple of settlements. That’s impossible on Java, Bali or Sumatra.
Whenever you begin driving around Lombok, you suddenly realize how crowded, bustling and extremely populated Indonesia’s other principal islands are.
Lombok is stunning! Nature is the best reason to visit Lombok.
The island is blessed with completely breathtaking coastlines that consist of miles and miles of hilly terrain: tall headlands dipping into broad bays of aquamarine seas, broad sweeping beaches and vast coconut plantations. Occasional discreet hotels grace a couple of the bays. Some villages are located in certain bays as well, but the area is undeveloped and au naturale.
Sunrise over Mt Rinjani — Lombok — Indonesia
Lombok is overseen by volcanic Mt. Rinjani, one of Indonesia’s greatest volcanoes outside of Irian Jaya, peaking at 3726 meters. Rinjani’s vast, jagged crater rim peers over clouds in early mornings and late evenings, but otherwise is frequently absent from sight, hidden behind dense clouds. Mt Rinjani is rsquo, Bali &;s version of Mt Agung.
Rinjani is a popular mountain biking among the two western travelers and Asian climbing fans, who consider it a climbing expedition. The usual treks take 3 days up and two days back down, camping out on the way. Mt Rinjani’s lower slopes, the entire way around, are incredibly fertile regions full of rice fields and dense forests. Many huge trees stand all around Lombok.
Most areas around Lombok locals are very friendly, down-to-earth and laid-back. They’re certainly not as entrepreneurial as the Balinese. Taveling around Lombok it’s very refreshing to be hassled by touts or by sailors inflating costs on tourists.
And on the other hand, there are a few places on Lombok that are known for theft as well as trickery, especially Kuta Beach in south Lombok and Batu Koq / Senaru, the starting place for treks up Mt Rinjani. Other areas seem crime-free and quite safe. I personally didn’t experience.